Saturday, February 3, 2007


My puppy smells of grass and trees
And kitty smells of mice and fleas

My daddy smells like cigarettes
And granny smells like violets

My mommy smells all pink and sweet
To hug her tight is quite a treat

I think of all the smells around
I much prefer my little hound

‘Cause ‘tho his smell could sweeter be
He smells the mostest just like me!!!


Duce said...

Very nice Steve! Now Grandma can live more vividly in the hearts and minds of us all. I will share this with Mimi and Natasha.

Mom said...

Neat podcast. It's nice to hear Grandma's voice again.

Mike said...

Neat Steve, how do I send it to my girl friend's emal addr?

lspahn said...

Steve, it's nice to hear your granmother's sweet voice. Although her time on earth has ended, her works can live on. Lewis.